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“There are no real or fake parts of this country, there’s no city or town that’s more pro-America than anywhere else. We are one nation. All of us are proud to be Americans, all of us are patriots, the man and woman who serve on our battlefields, some are Democrats, some are Republicans, but they fought together and bled together and some died togheter under the same proud flag. We do not serve a Red America or a Blue America, we serve the United States of America.”

Barack Obama

“There’s too many questions about Barack Obama and his loyalty to our country, and I question that greatly. His ideology is completely different than what, you know, democracy stands for”

Joe the Plumber the Skinhead

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Soft Power alla cinese

Ecco l’ultimo video virale (o auspicato tale dai produttori) proveniente dalla Cina,

Austere bufale

Non vi ammorberemo con le Previsioni di primavera della Commissione europea, che
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