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Italian Minister Probed Over Former Terrorist

Rome prosecutors are probing Welfare Minister Paolo Ferrero of the Communist Refoundation Party in connection with his controversial nomination of a former Red Brigade terrorist as part of a government advisory panel on drugs. Ferrero has already annulled the appointment of Susanna Ronconi and the minister himself revealed on Thursday that prosecutors were looking into… Leggi tutto


A Greener Country

Pressure groups from around Naples protested in Rome last Wednesday against the illegal dumping by Mafia-controlled businesses of millions of tons of toxic waste that they say is to blame for a rise in the number of tumours among local residents. Environmentalists, doctors and local officials from what has come to be known as the… Leggi tutto


A notable exception

A resurgent Red Brigades group smashed earlier this week was ready to strike using automatic weapons and fake police uniforms, Italian officials said on Thursday. The arms cache discovered Wednesday near Padua, officials said, included a kalashnikov, an Uzi, three hand guns, bulletproof vests and fake uniforms. It showed the “operational efficiency the group had… Leggi tutto


The People’s Republic of Italy

One count of wilful murder and two of attempted murder in the context of a political crime against the Republic of Italy are the charges faced by Mario Lozano, the american soldier who, on the evening of 4 March 2005 on the road to Baghdad airport, killed Nicola Calipari, a SISMI (italian military secret service)… Leggi tutto


Chavez, the model

Venezuela’s National Assembly granted President Hugo Chavez unprecedented power to rule by decree on Wednesday, vastly increasing his authority to move forward on his leftist agenda in every area of the country’s life from the oil industry to telecommunications to banking. Chavez was given the special powers for 18 months by a legislature fully controlled… Leggi tutto


From Multiculturalism to Integration

After 30 years of believing that multiculturalism had the power to hold their settler society together Australians are losing faith in what was always a tangled concept and are returning to the simpler formula of integration. “We have moved from scepticism to disenchantment”, said ruling Liberal Party luminary Peter Coleman. “It has now sunk in… Leggi tutto


Mr.Prodi’s Wonderful World

Speaking at the traditional end-of-the-year press conference, Romano Prodi, our Prime Minister, said the next step for his government will be to adopt structural reforms and for these Italy needed “courage, unity and generosity…qualities which everyone must demonstrate: the majority and the opposition”. Commenting on his coalition, which has a razor-thin majority in the Senate,… Leggi tutto


Mafia? What’s mafia?

Although murders in Naples may get the most news coverage, there are more homicides in Milan than the city by the bay, according to Justice Minister Clemente Mastella. In an appearance Tuesday before a joint session of the Senate justice and constitutional affairs committees to report on the effects of the recent prisoner pardon which… Leggi tutto

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