Links for 2009-12-28

  • Econbrowser: Lost decade for stocks – «Some people have the psychological reaction that when stock prices have been going down, equities are becoming a riskier investment. I take the opposite view– the higher stock prices go, the scarier they look to me»;
  • Econbrowser: Levels versus Growth Rates and the Impact of ARRA – «Even as the stimulus subtracts from growth starting in the second half of 2010, the level of GDP is still higher than what would be the case in the absence of the stimulus package. Critics of the stimulus package often neglect to highlight that point»;
  • American Thinker: Natural Gas and Capitalism to the Rescue – Le nuove tecnologie faranno esplodere la produzione di gas naturale:
    «The Marcellus Shale formation reaching from the Appalachians to central New York State illustrates why natural gas is enjoying a new popularity in the energy limelight. Just seven years ago, the US Geologic Service estimated recoverable reserves in the Marcellus to be 1.9 trillion cubic feet (tcf). Then in 2008 a pair of geologists — Englander and Lash — recognizing how successfully the hydrofracing technique was applied to the Barnett Shale formation in north Texas, upped the ante considerably. They estimated that the Marcellus formation might contain upwards of 500 tcf»;

  • IBL – Se i viaggiatori sono rimasti al gelo la colpa è tutta di Ferrovie dello Stato – «La normativa europea prevede che nel caso di cause non dipendenti direttamente dall’operatore ferroviario, i rimborsi non siano dovuti ai passeggeri. Questa norma è logica in un contesto nel quale, la società che gestisce i treni non sia legata in alcun modo all’azienda che gestisce i binari. Questo non è il caso dell’Italia, dove Trenitalia e RFI sono gestite da Ferrovie dello Stato»;
  • The Happy Arab News Service: At the Peak – «Meanwhile, given the general propensity of China to rapid economic growth and no less dramatic deceleration of its population growth (the workforce will stop growing pretty soon actually), the next superpower is about to transform itself into a huge vacuum machine sucking off labor surpluses from around the globe»;

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