Links for 2009-01-30

These are my links for 2009-01-29 from 18:50 to 19:01

  • Why Your Bank Is Broke | TIME – «…in 2004, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) removed rules that capped leverage at 15 to 1 for investment-banking firms like Goldman Sachs. That allowed the firms to vastly expand their lending activities without raising a single new dollar of capital. One big backer of the rule change was reportedly former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who was then Goldman’s CEO»;
  • Democrats Among Stimulus Skeptics – – In testimony before the House Budget Committee, Alice M. Rivlin, who was President Bill Clinton’s budget director, suggested splitting the plan, implementing its immediate stimulus components now and taking more time to plan the longer-term transformative spending to make sure it is done right;

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