11 settembre, tra cospirazionismo e giustificazionismo

Quella che segue è una sintesi minima dell'”analisi” dei fatti dell’11 settembre 2001, compiuta sui media arabi ed islamici da cosiddetti “esperti” locali. Per un quadro più completo di questo florilegio di psicopatologie, è possibile consultare il meritorio sito Memri.

Si tratta di teorie che hanno rapidamente attecchito anche in Occidente, dove peraltro alcune di esse sono state create, e che sono entrate a far parte del bagaglio culturale della sinistra antagonista e cospirazionista, soprattutto di quella italiana, che si accinge ad arrivare al governo del paese. Ma oltre a questa versione hard della teoria cospirazionista, che per sua natura non riesce a travalicare gli angusti confini dei circoli “intellettuali” che l’hanno prodotta, ne esiste una soft, più pervasiva. E’ quella di quanti sostengono che l’islamofascismo è figlio della povertà e della disperazione. L’argomentazione di costoro è semplice e lineare. Ogni giorno muoiono, per fame e malattie, migliaia di bambini, uomini, donne. Ergo, ogni giorno ci porta un nuovo 11 settembre. Ergo, non c’è nessun eccezionalismo negli eventi del 2001, che sono stati in realtà solo la “reazione” di un pianeta ferito e brutalizzato dalla sistematica predazione americana. Una catena di sillogismi zoppi, monchi e distorti che anche oggi, in occasione della Marcia per la pace Perugia-Assisi, hanno avuto la loro ennesima celebrazione liturgico-mediatica.

Egyptian Researcher Zaynab Abd Al-‘Aziz, Iqra TV, May 26, 2005:

When, in January 2001, the World Council of Churches delegated this mission [to christianize the world] to the U.S. – what did the U.S. do? It fabricated the show of September 11. (…) And how could the U.S. win legitimacy for this without anyone saying that they are perpetrating massacres and waging a Crusader war? It fabricated the 9/11 show. I call it a fabrication because much has been written on this. We are also to blame. Why do we accept a single perspective? Countless books were written, some of which were even translated into Arabic, like Thierry Meyssan’s 9/11 – The Big Lie and Pentagate. ‘Pentagate’ like Watergate… He brings documents to prove that the method used in destroying the three [sic] towers was ‘controlled demolition.’ This is an architectural engineering theory, which was invented by the Americans. They teach it in their universities. They make movies and documentaries about it. They incorporated it in movie scenarios and then carried it out in real life. Why do we accept this? (…) The building collapsed in its place, without hitting a single building to its left or right. The three towers fell in place. (…) That is how the U.S. won international legitimacy. You could sense the [9/11] operation was pre-planned because many things were revealed in the days that followed. For example, 4.000 Jews caught influenza on that exact day.

Saudi Women’s Rights Activist Suheila Zein Al-‘Abedin Hammad, Al-Arabiya TV, April 12, 2005:

Osama bin Laden? How could Osama bin Laden possibly carry out such a huge plot in the world’s leading superpower, with its [renowned] intelligence agencies and defense department? (…) Who created Osama bin Laden? Wasn’t it the U.S.? They got him involved from the beginning. He serves their goals. (…) First of all, the event was broadcast live. How was this possible unless they knew about it in advance? How come the first tower was attacked just as George Bush was entering elementary school to lecture? When his country was being attacked, he said: ‘Oh, what a brilliant pilot.’ Then he went to lecture.

Ahmad Yousuf, Editor-in-Chief of the Washington-based Middle East Magazine, Al-Manar TV, December 30, 2004:

In other words, Israel is capable of penetrating certain Islamic circles, of directing and running them behind the scenes, so that they will conduct operations from which Israel benefits. Anyone who considers the events of 9/11 cannot say that the Muslims gained anything. There’s another dimension, which some people may have noticed. No one could have captured the pictures [of the attacks] so perfectly except for the cameras in the hands of several Mossad agents, who were near the scene of events and succeeded in filming the scene so that it will always serve Zionism to remind the world of the Arabs’ and Muslims’ crimes against America. These pictures were filmed very expertly, so that they would be a constant reminder to America and the Western world that Islamic terrorism is a threat to their culture, their ideals, and their values.

Mufti of Mt. Lebanon Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo, ANB TV, July 24, 2005:

I cannot give bin Laden credit for the operation in America [9/11]. He does not have the capabilities, and his personality in no way suggests that he might carry out an operation like those that occurred in America, London, or Madrid. There are Zionist hands…

Iranian political expert Manouchehr Mohammadi, “The New Fascism” – An Iranian TV series:

There are many events like these in American history. It has been proven that the Japanese military attack on Pearl Harbor and on the American war ships was planned in advance and implemented with the authorization, support, and encouragement of U.S. President Roosevelt. They needed a pretext such as this to enter WWII and in order to affect public opinion so it would consent to enter the war. The exact same thing happened on 9/11. This [tactic] is not used only by Hitler and George Bush. All the influential people and all the arrogant politicians need this pretext in order to carry out their aggression.

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