When bloggers were in Egypt’s land…

One cherished memory from my youth was sitting with my cousins singing an old African-American spiritual, ” When Israel was in Egypt’s land” which retells the events in the Old Testament of the Bible (Exodus, chapters 3-12), in which God commands Moses to demand the release of the Israelites being held in Egypt. The song was made famous by Paul Robeson whose voice, deep and resonant as it was, conveyed the authority of the voice of God before Moses in Egypt.
This is how the song goes:

Perhaps someone could re write the song for the 21st century. I’m thinking something along the lines of:

    When bloggers were in Egypt’s prisons
    Let our people go
    Oppressed so hard they could not stand
    Let our people go

    Stand up bloggers; stand up for Egypt’s scribes
    Tell old Pharaoh, Let our people go

    A Google bomb dropped on Egypt’s land
    Let our people go
    To make old Pharaoh understand
    Let our people go
    Thus spake the bloggers, bold google said,
    “Let our people go,
    If not, we’ll strike your google ranking
    Let our people go”

Something like that, yeah I know the lyrics are not that good, in my defence however, it is early on a Tuesday morning. For some proper lyrics you should head over to mshairi’s.

(cross-posted from Mental Acrobatics)

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