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Prostitutes in the northern Italian city of Padova plan to refund clients who have been fined by the police, daily Corriere della Sera reported Friday. The move follows the approval last week of a city ordinance slapping 50 euros (67 dollars) fines on drivers who stop their cars to invite prostitutes in.

The ordinance was promoted by Mayor Flavio Zanonato, who says customers cause traffic jams and accidents by suddenly stopping to take a look at the streetwalkers. Essentially, this is a move to compensate negative externalities.
A total of nine people have been fined in Padova since the ordinance was approved on May 4, italian news agency Ansa reported.

According to Corriere, the prostitutes have decided to fight back by wearing a pink “love sticker” on their breast and offering to refund fined clients with free services. The girls also plan to protest against the ordinance by taking part in a rally through the streets of Padova on Wednesday.
Soliciting is illegal but rarely pursued by the police in Italy.

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